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ONLY £8.39 for 6 Coasters

Our rubber grip is made with an antimicrobial additive

Proven to prevent harmful bacterial growth by up to 99.99%

24/7 protection inhibits growth of microbes in between cleans

Minimises the potential for cross contamination

The number one public-space antibacterial shelf

Antimicrobial technology

Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria by up to 99.99%

Built-in changeable message panel:

Improve hygiene compliance or sell advertising space

Complete customisation

Available in any colour and can be venue branded

Strong and sturdy

Injection moulded body (20% glass filled ABS)

Multi-area use

Restrooms, changing rooms, waiting areas – use LedgeMate anywhere


Our shelf is innovative and exclusive to the Social Station Ltd

A better experience for your customers & increased marketing opportunities for business

Simple to install

Built-in fitting holes so can be installed on any wall within minutes

Swap marketing easily

Slide out the built-in cartridge to swap your message prints

Anti-tamper & Secure

Unique key supplied separately to keep marketing prints safe

Keep your staff and customers safe

Handheld items are now secure and free from bacteria

Boost your brand message

Utilize the marketing space to promote your internal messaging

Perfect for public spaces

Requires no maintenance or instructions to use

Ledgemate light colour scheme

Go beyond public space advertising with LedgeMate®

Public rest areas are a prime area to promote your advertising campaign or company brand, and LedgeMate® offers space to interact & communicate directly with your customers.

As LedgeMate® appears in more & more public spaces around the globe, customers will actively look out for the patent-pending shelf each time they enter a rest area.

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