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LedgeMate – Taking Washroom Hygiene & Marketing to a Whole New Level

August 21, 2020

Personal hygiene was always considered to be a very important factor when it came to keeping oneself healthy; not to mention making sure you were accepted in society. However, it’s only with the recent coronavirus pandemic that things have gotten really serious.

Sanitization products have seen a surge in sales since the pandemic started; 80.7% from drug stores and almost 58% increase from convenience stores.

Here is a graph to illustrate our point:

Today, you’ll see sanitizers everywhere; from stores to offices, and even homes. Now, as the world slowly creeps towards ending lockdowns, there will be a heightened demand for sanitation products. More people interacting with each other will mean more hand sanitizers will be used.

Yet, no matter how potent a hand sanitizer may be, it simply can’t beat the effectiveness and satisfaction we get from a thorough hand-wash. Walking out of the washroom using only a hand sanitizer just feels wrong; no matter how potent the sanitizer may be.

There’s something about watching the water take all the dirt and grime away with itself, the soap turning a different colour as it cleans your hands, or perhaps it’s just psychological. Whatever the case, you can’t understate the importance of washing hands and its role in offering personal hygiene.

But your hands might not always be empty when you go to the washroom. Whether it’s a cup, water bottle, beer or any handheld item in between that you don’t want to place next to the sink, balancing it under your arm as you try to wash your hands can be problematic, to say the least.

That’s where LedgeMate comes into play; an anti-bacterial washroom ledge with marketing capabilities. The idea is to give you and others visiting the washroom a sanitary place to put down your stuff, keep it clean, and give you the ultimate freedom to wash your hands. Furthermore, the protected rubber grip is made with antimicrobial technology, proven effective against coronavirus strain as well as preventing 99.99% of harmful bacteria growth!

Uses of LedgeMate

A Place to Take a Load Off

The image above shows how it gives you a platform to place your items safely above the washing areas to keep them clean, sanitary and accessible while you do what you must. From coffee mugs to other handheld items, you can place it all here.

Improved Washroom Design & Hygiene

The front plaque gives you room to place a picture of some scenery in it to make your place a bit more feng shui. Apart from that, LedgeMate is also a hygienic solution to your bathroom sanitation needs – which can be attributed to the rubber grip on top. It has the following features;

  • Uses antimicrobial technology to make sure your items remain pathogen-free
  • Can reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99%
  • Has proven to be effective against the coronavirus strain as well, hence reducing the potential for cross contamination

Poster Advertising

When mounted in public washrooms, the same plaque can be used to advertise a product or send out a public service message, such as “wash your hands with soap.” This little reminder can go a long way in ensuring that your customers or visitors maintain proper personal hygiene during and after COVID-19.

The A6-sized poster means that it is neither too large nor too small, retaining customer attention and increasing chances of them following your message!

Social Distancing

LedgeMate encourages social distancing as well, considering the platform is large enough to host only one person’s items. For example, you would be willing to place your own coffee cups close to one another (as the size of the platform dictates), however, how willing would you be to place your cup just as close to someone else’s?

LedgeMate is a ground-breaking piece of equipment for public places wanting to promote a cause, or making a few extra pounds by giving businesses a place to market themselves.

Despite social distancing in effect, bathrooms are the one place where you cannot stop people from entering – whether it’s a public area, library, the gym, or even your home. So why not do the right thing and while doing so, earn a few extra pounds via marketing?

LedgeMate can help you and your customers maintain proper personal hygiene while you get that extra poster advertisement or awareness platform. Get in touch today to place an order or click here to get more information.


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