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Traditional A4 advertising panels are flawed and out of date

February 12, 2020

The modern advertising race is a numbers game. In a crowded marketplace with more channels than ever competing for the attention of customers, finding ways to stand out is increasingly the main challenge in marketing your business. Once you have the insight into your target demographic, it becomes easier to understand the messaging and formats which will resonate with them.

Broadcast your message

One thing is for sure – the more people you manage to get your message in front of, the higher your hit rate. It’s important for your brand to be present and correct as a reminder of what you offer – so when a customer is in the market, they think of you. The flaw in the design of traditional A4 advertising panels is that the mechanism is unsecured. This means it’s easy for your marketing messages to be lost, removed or defaced under graffiti. So all the effort, time and money you’ve put into getting your advertising material right is simply wasted. When your adverts appear in a LedgeMate, the graphic inserts are secured into sealed cartridges that can’t be tampered with, protecting your investment and your branding and preserving it in perfect condition so that your message gets across every time.

Offer a helping hand

Advertising gurus have long known the power of the subliminal message, and these days it’s more about influencing the associations that people have with your brand. When you advertise using the LedgeMate, there are positive positioning benefits for your brand because of the nature of the item. LedgeMate is there to give customer a helping hand. It provides a safe, antibacterial surface to rest their drink, their bag or other personal items. And this subtle perception of helpfulness – and of being there just when it’s needed – is a something which then transfers in the mind of the customer to your brand, especially as the units are fully customised to your branding as required. You have created that psychological link by being there and being helpful when needed – and that positions your brand a certain way in their minds. This positive mental association can then be built upon with your further marketing efforts. It’s all about creating a feel good moment in their day. And because potential customers interact with the device holding your advertising, as opposed to passively walking by it, they are much more likely to recall it than advertising on a traditional A4 panel, so you gain even more share of mind.

Stay front and center

When audiences are involved with screens – whether watching TV, browsing on their laptops or scrolling through social media on their phones – they are fragmented, their attention split between several channels and a constant flow of notifications interrupting them. There is also the fact of the sheer number of digital channels now around – the more platforms continue to specialise, the more choices an audience has on where to go. This makes standing out with digital advertising increasingly hard. With above-the-line physical advertising on LedgeMate you are in people’s real-world environments when they are interacting with your brand. And being location based means you aren’t competing with other advertising in that particular moment that the customer chooses to interact with you.

With all of these factors at your disposal, you’ll be able to make a positive impression and make sure that your brand message hits home.


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