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Why You Should Install LedgeMate

June 8, 2020

Keeping a bathroom clean can be a struggle, especially if it is in continuous use and even more so if multiple people share it. While we’re all always aware of the fact that bathrooms aren’t exactly the cleanest of places, most of us don’t quite realise how many germs and bacteria live in our bathrooms, even if we’re cleaning them often enough.

Dirty or Not?

A dirty bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean that there are visible stains and dirt around. Even the cleanest bathroom floor would not make you think it’s okay to eat something that fell on the tiles, because bathrooms are infested with all kinds of germs and bacteria that are not visible to us. Gastrointestinal viruses and respiratory microorganisms are just some of the things that might be sharing a bathroom with you without your knowledge.

Mould and mildew can grow in your bathrooms if you are not cleaning it properly. In fact, it gets even worse when you realise that both of these things are microscopic, so when you start seeing the colour, it means that there are millions of them present. Germs also make a place for themselves on bathroom walls, and fungi can start living in your taps, which means that when you turn it on, you’ll get a good dose of fungi, which isn’t very healthy.

If you have a rubber mat in your bathroom – maybe in front of the tub or at the sink – you might think you’re keeping the floor from getting wet. Not only is that not true – water can slip in from the smallest of spaces – but it also collects under the mat itself. If you were to lift it to check what’s underneath, you’d meet a lot of mould. Mould grows best in wet, dark places, which makes bathrooms and bathroom mats the ideal place for them to grow.

In fact, even shelves are a great place for mould and other bacteria to make a home for themselves. The crevices and the space between shelf items can give microorganisms an ideal space to grow in, and anything you keep on shelf spaces can get contaminated.

It gets worse in public bathrooms because so many people are using it, and you never know what kind of germ made its way in, with whom. Would you want to put your phone or purse on a shelf or counter crawling with germs? Of course not!

Using LedgeMate

LedgeMate is an easy solution for all such problems. Any bathroom can never be completely free of germs, but with LedgeMate, it can come pretty close!

LedgeMate is an antibacterial shelf and drink-holder that can be put up in public bathrooms and changing rooms – or anywhere where there is underutilised space. LedgeMate acts as more than just a shelf-space. Of course, people would much prefer using it to hold their items where they know they don’t have to worry about bacteria getting onto their items while their hands are busy if they are in a public bathroom. Still, it also has the added benefit of being an antibacterial that does more than taking on the defensive position. Protecting from germs can be great, and killing germs can be greater.

While sink surfaces are currently commonly used to hold items – from phones to water bottles – while people are busy washing their hands, they are not the cleanest of surfaces. Not only do they probably have invisible bacteria on them, but the CDA also recommends that they should be wiped after every use.

Any remnants on the sink itself, such as soap scum, food and drink residue and even hard water can build up and cause bacteria to grow if the sink is not cleaned properly after every use. In a public bathroom, it is unlikely that bathroom staff will wipe down the sink surface after every passerby uses it, which means that germs will almost certainly begin to grow and make room for themselves there.

Any items you place on such a surface will surely get contaminated too, and increase the risk of multiple diseases and health problems that may even spread.

LedgeMate solves this problem by providing a surface for users to place their items while they are busy, which makes sure that their things remain clean and safe. Since the shelf is antibacterial, it keeps your items safe and reduces the chances of virus strains, such as the feline coronavirus to be transmitted. It’s 24/7 protection also makes sure that no microbes are growing on the grip surface between cleans. It can also improve hand hygiene because the items users will be holding will remain clean.

LedgeMate also has space for marketing and hygiene promotional posters. Brands can put up prints for their marketing on the front of LedgeMate, and you can also purchase bespoke hygiene compliance posters along with the unit. Other designs can also be printed for the buyer upon request.

Unlike other complicated structures for public bathrooms and changing rooms, LedgeMate is lightweight and small and takes about five minutes to install. It also comes with a LedgeKey, which allows you to pull out a sliding panel, through which you can change the marketing material. The need for a LedgeKey makes sure that the templates being used on the advertising panel are not being torn down, and only authorised personnel are removing and replacing the prints. The hygiene compliance templates that are available along with the unit are also made on waterproof and tearproof material that keeps them safe in the humid bathroom environment.

Public bathrooms can be nervewracking to use, especially in global panic situations such as the coronavirus pandemic. Still, by taking precautions to keep them clean, it is possible to lessen the anxiety that people may feel about their usage.

LedgeMate focuses on hygiene in public bathrooms and changing rooms and is a great way to keep germs from spreading.

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