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Why LedgeMate Needs To Be in Every Gym & Health Club’s Long-Term COVID Prevention Strategy

September 7, 2020

The world has grappled against an invisible enemy for quite a while, and now, after half a year of stalemates, things are starting to come back to normal. The pandemic has slowed down, yes, but the threat still remains. The need for COVID-19 prevention is still prevalent.

COVID-19 is rather contagious, and the virus has been known to stick to surfaces for long periods. Health experts are still researching the viability of infectious particles on all surfaces, but a landmark study published by the New England Journal of Medicine maintains that the virus may live for up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces. Both are alarming, to say the least. 2-3 days is a long time, especially when it comes to maintaining gym and health club hygiene.

You can’t wait around for someone to finish using the treadmill, bench-press or dumbbells and then wait days before continuing exercise. In the gym, people can get very impatient, and that wait can result in breaking flow, thus leading to an inefficient workout session. Not to mention you simply can’t afford to have a new machine or dumbbell put in place for every new customer. That would be the very definition of counter-productive.

As these places open up, there are chances that the disease may spread, even if everyone uses masks and maintains proper hygiene; since the virus has tendencies to stick to objects. This also includes phones, water bottles, headphones, and more, that people are used to placing on the ground while they work out.

Here, we shall discuss how this can be dangerous for your gym members and how LedgeMate can help you keep them healthy, leading to you maintain a regular source of income.

Maintaining Gym & Health Club Hygiene – Long-Term COVID-19 Protection

Why Shouldn’t I Place My Items on the Floor?

The microbiology and molecular genetics department of the Medical College of Wisconsin conducted extensive research about the number of bacteria colonies under our shoes and found that the mean number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) for both bacteria and viruses was significantly higher under shoes without shoe covers, which were transferred to carpets and other such surfaces. Anything placed on those carpets was also contaminated with bacterial colonies and viruses.

While the research was conducted for the use of shoe covers, the main idea wasn’t just to show how effective the use of shoe covers can be, but also that people shouldn’t place their items on the floor.

According to this research, the lifespan of pathogens could be increased on the bottom of shoes and on carpets in gyms and health clubs, since these areas provide a rather friendly environment for them. Furthermore, if an infected person coughs on the carpet and you place your water bottle, drink cup or other handheld items there, you won’t just expose yourself to the virus, you’ll also take the virus home with you.

Placing your items above the ground is a much better option; and what better place than LedgeMate?

LedgeMate for Maintaining Gym & Health Club Hygiene

LedgeMate isn’t just sturdy against the wall, but also has an antibacterial shelf that has proven itself to be effective against the coronavirus strain.

By installing one of these next to every machine or bench and placing a poster inside it to remind your members not to place their items on the floor, you can make sure people observe proper hygiene at all times.

Plus, as we mentioned above, that the virus can remain on the surface for quite a while. Manners dictate that members should wipe any and all equipment down with an alcohol swab or sanitizer after they’re done using it.

Most people are considerate enough to do so, but in the gym or a health club, they’re already tired or have blood pumping throughout their body. In this state, it is easy to forget things, no matter how alive a person is.

A simple reminder can go a long way here.

LedgeMate has an A6-sized advertisement panel in the front that can serve to remind people more effectively of their duties as members. The main idea is to promote hygiene compliance, and the message may promote anything:

  • A custom ad, thus being a reliable source of revenue for you other than subscriptions (ads of protein shakes perform exceptionally well in gyms)
  • Promoting hand hygiene (washing hands regularly)
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Notice not to put items on the floor
  • Gym rules
  • Or you can simply place a motivational image here. You know, something cute.

The idea of posting custom ads on LedgeMate also means that your small investment on each purchase can be recovered in a matter of weeks with the right ad campaign. People have sold off quite a few affiliate products by posting an ad on LedgeMate and have not only made the money back, but also earned more! This means more machines, which leads to improved member satisfaction, more word of mouth, and thus, more members joining in.

Furthermore, the antimicrobial additive used in LedgeMate’s rubber grip has been proven to not only be effective against coronavirus strain, but reduce it by up to 99.4% in 2 hours (compare that to the normal 3 days!).

Whether you sell the advertisement space or make use of it on your own, the results are well worth the investment.


There have been a total of 12.5 million cases of the novel coronavirus since its outbreak, out of which only 6.89 million have recovered so far, and yet, economies have to reopen. This isn’t just in the favor of businesses, but people’s lives have also taken a grim turn as they are stuck in their homes, unable to partake in normal, human activities.

As a gym or health club owner, it is your responsibility to welcome each and every one of your members back with a smile and a promise of trying your best to give them a healthy work-out environment; and LedgeMate can be the perfect partner for you here.

Offering numerous gym and health club hygiene benefits, a long-term COVID-protection strategy, marketing opportunities, and most importantly; convenience to your members, this £24.99 investment can go a long way in ensuring you maintain goodwill and recover all your losses incurred during the lockdown within a few weeks to a month!

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