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LedgeMate Antibacterial Mat

Antibacterial Drink Coasters That Take Safety To A Whole New Level – Safer Offices

November 10, 2020

As the world grappled with this invisible enemy named COVID-19, balances shifted rather drastically, affecting even some of the biggest businesses out there. However, things are now starting to settle down and office spaces are reopening slowly; but the threat of the coronavirus is far from over.

Returning to the office is crucial right now, but minimizing risks to employees is even more important. Where on the one hand, there is a risk of low profitability and reduced employee morale (continuing to work from home), on the other, a liability may arise if an employee gets sick because of you.

Just 20% of CFOs believe that organizations will be able to go back to “business as usual” once the crisis ends. There are a lot of moving parts at play here – not all of them visible to us.

A majority believe that change will be necessary and therefore are adapting their offices, factories, stores and facilities with employee hygiene equipment, increasingly guarding their employees and, in turn, their outlook.

As the office administrator or the owner, it is your primary responsibility to help your teams navigate through this difficult time. You might have worked hard throughout the lockdowns to ensure the shift is smooth and without hitches, but now that employees are returning, you’re going to have to do more.

The first thing you need to look out for is safety and employee hygiene. Here are a few tips on how you can do just that.

Putting Safety First – Employee & Their Items

When focusing on the health and safety of the workforce, here are some steps you can take:

Hand hygiene

The first thing to keep in mind is hand hygiene. After all is said and done, the primary way of the virus spreading still remains traditional transmission. Making rigorous hand-washing or sanitizing a must is the first line of defence and should be made an integral part of your office routine.

If employees have something in their hand and they are afraid of putting it down, even to clean their hands, they can place it on a clean, antibacterial surface such as the LedgeMate Coaster. You can place the coaster anywhere; from employee’s desks all the way to the bathroom sink!

The surface is large enough to hold any handheld item while your employees continue to wash their hands thoroughly.

Make sure the washroom sinks and office kitchens are cleaned thoroughly every day. Even if there aren’t any people showing symptoms, using a disinfecting dishwashing soap for coffee mugs and plates can go a long way in ensuring maximum safety.

Item Hygiene

As mentioned above, urge your employees to stay hygienic. This also includes having them keep their handheld items – especially water bottles and coffee mugs – in a place where the coronavirus can’t reach.

If you consider your office environment closely, there might not be any surface throughout the office that has antimicrobial properties. These are basically platforms that are resistant to microbes, including the COVID strain viruses. It either kills off microorganisms or stops their growth, rendering them harmless until they die off.

The LedgeMate Drink Coaster is one such surface. It is a non-slip rubber grip made specifically to give you a microorganism-free surface to place your items without a worry. The 130 x 91mm surface area is enough to give you more than enough space to keep your items secure.

Boiling hot coffee or an ice-cold latte? Place it on top of the coaster without a worry! It won’t reduce its antimicrobial prowess any time soon!

A few words about the coaster itself, it is one of the world’s first and only coaster that fights bacteria and viruses on its own turf. Its manufacture includes the use of a unique powder that has been proven to prevent 99.99% of harmful bacteria growth and virus transmissions, effectively reduce the risk of coronavirus as well as other diseases.

Not only that, they are also very sleek and minimalistic, adding to your aesthetic value wherever they are. Their non-slip properties further make them useful for use at home and offices alike. Every design element adds extra grip to the coaster, including the slits down each side to hold spills while ensuring drainage from under your cup or glass. Since the water doesn’t reach your table, everything stays neat, tidy and convenient.

Users have found that the LedgeMate coasters are perfect for everyday use.

Soap or a Sanitizer

One of the first impulses offices get when it comes to reopening is to buy more and more sanitisers and spread them across the office floor. However, a question arises; is it really as effective as soap and water?

Simply put; no.

Not only is soap the more economical option, it is also the more ecological and hygienic answer. Viruses are basically an RNA (or DNA) strand covered in a layer of protein – which is oily in nature. When you wash your hands with soap, have you ever noticed how they aren’t oily anymore?

This is because soaps break down fats and oils when mixed with water. If a virus comes in the way, its outer layer gets dissolved, effectively killing it in the process. Alcohol in sanitizers perform the same function, except, you might notice that excessive use can dry up your hands.

Don’t ditch the sanitizers, though! Sinks and soaps might not be available 24/7, and that’s where they come in handy.

Monitoring Symptoms

The first rule you should impose in a post-COVID office?

If you’re ill, work from home.

This is specifically the case when you’re experiencing any coronavirus-related symptoms.

This isn’t just something that needs to be implemented office-wide, but is also a government mandate. Those who’re feeling sick shouldn’t leave the confines of home. Self-isolation is the only way to stop another wave from coming. Again, LedgeMate can help you spread this message with the help of its A4-sized poster.

Face Masks – Should I Wear Them?

Governments are still recommending that you cover your face in public spaces or whenever you go out. Now that offices will open, people will commute, shop and work together. Social distancing will not be observed as thoroughly as it should.

Under such circumstances, not covering your face is tantamount to throwing a bio-grenade in your office space and hoping no one gets sick.

As an employer, try not to have people share work stations as much as possible. Keep the environment spotless, organized, and in turn, easier to clean. A clean environment with sufficient ways to tackle microorganisms is all you need to make sure the curve stays flat once your office opens, and your employees stay healthy.

You might have to renovate a bit, but it’s worth it at the end. Some distance between workstations, a few LedgeMate Drink Coasters on every desk and surface, some LedgeMates here and there, some extra soap to wash hands with, and a few posters to remind employees to stay hygienic, that’s all you need to make sure everything works out the way you want it to at the end!

So let us help you keep your office hygienic as employees return to offices with LedgeMate and its premium drink coasters, premier quality products with just one aim; holding on to your things safely and hygienically while you focus on what’s important!

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