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The Versatility of LedgeMate – LedgeMate Vs. Other Hand Sanitization Stations

January 22, 2021

Although distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine has begun in the UK, the virus has initiated a turn of events unlike ever before, with a prime focus on personal hygiene. Since we’re ways away from achieving herd immunity, the need for hand sanitization stations is far from over (if it will ever be).

Hand sanitizing machines come in many different shapes and sizes and their demand (and use) is expected to keep on rising until at least 2025. With so many options out there, a question arises; which hand sanitization station/machine should you buy? When it comes to LedgeMate, how does it fare against the competition? 

Here, we will discuss the difference between LedgeMate and traditional stands from a business point of view to determine which option is better. Whether you’re looking to install the same in a gym, office, or even your home, what should you buy?  

Regular Hand Sanitizing Machines

These are basically large stands or towers which have a sanitizer dispensing nozzle in front of them. The nozzle gets activated either via a motion sensor or a button in front. For some, there is a tray underneath that catches excess sanitizer and therefore prevents a mess but most don’t have such a feature. 

You’ll find these stations set up in malls, train and bus stations, and other public places. 

The biggest advantage these stations boast is that of aesthetic appeal for your business. They are available in different colours, but it is important to note that the same design may or may not reflect the aesthetic of your business. 

If you want a custom ad printed on your stations, you will have to pay extra. We’ll discuss this in a later section. 

LedgeMate as a Hand Sanitizing Station

LedgeMate itself isn’t a hand sanitizing machine but requires that you place one on top of it. The bottle itself is relatively cheap compared to refilling the towers we mentioned above, so that’s a huge plus point in its favour. 

We have reviewed LedgeMate in detail in another article, so we won’t get into too much detail here.

Pros & Cons of LedgeMate As a Hand Sanitizing Machine


Price Point

One of the biggest advantages LedgeMate has over regular hand sanitizing machines and stands is the price point. If you consider any standalone machine worth its salt, you will find that their initial prices start form anywhere between £100 and go well over £500! And after the initial purchase, you may have to subscribefor refills a well.

LedgeMate has a starting price of just £19.99 per unit, while the hand sanitizers you buy separately from your local stores are cheaper than the subscriptions. 

Branding Opportunities

LedgeMate has a branding sticker option above the platform which you can customize easily. Custom branded stickers are only £3.00 and can be purchased directly from us.

At the same time, hand sanitizing towers charge you much more than that to rebrand. 

Delivery Fee

LedgeMate is much smaller than the towers we mentioned above and therefore delivery is FREE. The same cannot be said about other sanitizing machines. Their size make them difficult to ship and therefore costly as well. 

Some stations do offer free delivery, though, but it is important to remember that the cost of shipping may be included in the purchase price here. 

Cost of Operation

LedgeMate is a platform on which you can place hand sanitizers bought from your local shop. You don’t have to subscribe to any service for refill, nor are you limited to a certain type of sanitizer. You can purchase much more cost-effective hand sanitizers and place them on the shelf. 


The message in front of your LedgeMate is fully customizable. You can either ask us to print it for you or print one yourself and simply slide it under the front glass. From a notice to remind passersby about sanitizing their hands all the way to an advertisement, the possibilities here are endless!

This is apart from the fact that installing LedgeMate doesn’t require any screws or having to drill any holes in the wall. This makes the platform much easier to install. There are 6 adhesive pads on the back which allow for easy installation on any surface; glass, tile, brick, or others! 


One of the biggest advantages of LedgeMate is that you don’t have to throw it away after the pandemic is over or the regard for personal hygiene shifts. LedgeMate is a very convenient stand to place anything; from coffee mugs all the way to water bottles and more, which makes it useful even after COVID-19. 

In contrast to LedgeMate, other hand sanitizing stations will have to be stowed away after the pandemic since no one will be using them anymore. 



Where low cost of maintenance is a great pro for LedgeMate, this might be slightly problematic for some. The inconvenience of having to buy a stock of hand sanitizer to place on LedgeMate might put off some; despite the low cost.

Aesthetic Appeal

Some argue that hand sanitizing towers look better and add more to the aesthetic appeal of a place. However, these towers get dirty vey easily as the sanitizer nozzle continues to drip. That is not to say that LedgeMate is any less appealing. This mostly depends on the aesthetic of your place and personal opinion. 

The pros and cons above show that LedgeMate is a much more cost-effective and versatile option for businesses; not to mention it being a long-term investment. You aren’t just buying it for the next few months or a year, but for as long as people will need a place to put their things!

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between LedgeMate and other hand sanitizing stations, just give us a call or write to us! We’d be happy to help you sort out any issues you may have.


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